1463 | +0.024% | GBPUSD USDCAD

such a waste of time!

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

8:52 Sell GBPUSD
keep the size small because the retest-level is 19 pips up

10:29 scaling in towards structural resistance

11:18 move stops lower on GBPUSD

11:33 changed my mind, enable TSL to exit

11:38 close GBPUSD manually

11:47 quick vwap scalp on USDCAD

12:27 close USDCAD

12:31 Buy GBPUSD from vwap

14:38 scale in and move the stop higher on GBPUSD

17:16 CAD starts to go up, i’ll abandon the GBP trade,
moving stop closer

17:31 quick vwap scalp on USDCAD

17:42 bailing on CAD Buy

18:07 early closing GBPUSD positions
(after it tested the Pivot for 11 times)
original targets were: 1.23369 and 1.2353

a Total Waste of time today!

made a few scalps on the DAX (with little confidence) during the day

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