1494 | -0.141% | AUDJPY GBPUSD DAX

Let’s do it.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

11:02 Sell AUDJPY

12:52 AUDJPY is hugging the vwap
GBP & EUR already crossed …
thinking of exiting the position early

13:10 moving stop 9 pips down

13:19 AUD at vwap, scaling in
& move stop even lower (above Pivot)

still looks sort of bearish
placing a buy hedge is maybe not a good idea

14:04 closing AUDJPY somewhat breakeven.
it still is a sell, but i have a bad feeling about it.

14:45 almost went to the target afterwards

14:54 Sell GBPUSD

15:07 hedging GBPUSD

15:18 stopout GBPUSD Sells

15:44 closing GBPUSD buys at previous high
EUR also hitting vwap here

it’s likely going to Pivot
but i’m calling it a day!
messed up twice in a row.

16:09 quick sell on DAX

16:29 Hedging DAX

16:35 Stopout DAX sells

16:44 moving stop and scale in.

18:05 starting small sells on DAX and scale in on vwap

18:17 changed my mind, this is just going to cost more money, removing limit orders and enable TSL at original stoploss level.

taking a break, i may make another trade later in US session

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