[Video] Interview: Karen the Supertrader, Made $41 Million Profit in 3 Years

Broker / Trader Interview with Tom Sosnoff & Karen Bruton.

at the time the events they talking about happen, Tom was actually her Broker (Think Or Swim) and she was just a Trader like many others.
but She did pop up regregularly the internal Risk Monitors calling the bells in the Backoffices of Think Or Swim.

now they are in different Companies, so they can freely talk about this very exciting story.

on the Tastytrade Website are more videos and a written Bio of Karen.

Additional original Disclaimer from TastyTrade:

This video is an interview of a past tastytrade guest, Karen Bruton. We’ve become aware that she and her firm are currently under SEC investigation for her accounting and reporting practices. Karen is not affiliated with tastytrade in any way other than as a prior guest on our program, last appearing on the network in 2014. We at tastytrade believe in full and transparent disclosure by money managers and we continue to advocate on behalf of the retail trading community.

content (photo & video) Copyright 2015 by TastyTrade