158 | +0.74% | 3 Setups

158 | +0.74% | 3 Setups

September 28, 2017 16:30   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

Starting the Day a bit late today arround 10:10 .. sorry about that ..

2 quick non-planned setups on AUDSGD Short , Long USDJPY and Long EURGBP

EURGBP i noticed the top of the current channel was reached already .. (after entering)
ill try to exit that somewhat green

the AUDSGD Trade bounced about 0.4pips Before my exit point and it’s a loss now.
well can’t always win, decided to stretch the risk a little bit and let it go back to the vWap.

Looking at EURGBP a few minutes later ..
this would bave been a nice vWap Reversal trade, if the Trendline would not lead me in thinking we at the top.
well after we always Smarter..

AUDSGD went to the vWap as planned .. added another SHort position to pay for the loss .. if it not playing out immediately i will start the SwingFish Helper bot to Hedge the positions .. so we can plan on fixing this at a later time.

USDJPY ran straight trough the Trendline & the Take Profit. adding 0.7% to the day.

AUDSGD starts acting funny …
the M30 chart shows some Resistance on the current price,
that’s why I did not hedge yet..but it feels like this is not been a very good idea …

but it feels like this is not been a very good idea … need to watch that closely.

UPDATE: reversed twice .. cutting a nice loss hole in the P/L … Short now will the loss is paid.
if AUDSGD falls another 6 points iam good and will exit for today.


Closing up Shop today with a +0.745% Gain.

P.S: i may have some trades in NY Session, but can’t promise anything …

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155 | +0.796% | 4 Trades

155 | +0.796% | 4 Trades

September 25, 2017 23:50   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

in the Aftermath of the German Election . Good morning everyone,

strangely DAX Futures gaped down but that gap could not even be considered as such, so much for the bad Afd Party shock.

start the day with a short Trade on USDSGD.
looked very clean, but then sitting on the toilet and watching it from my Mobile, made me change my mind, sold the risk and set the Stop to +0.7. which was then hit about 2 minutes later. gain 0.21% for the Chicken out trade 😉

Later a Nice vWap Reversal on EURAUD, failed once but on the second try, it worked as expected. (another tiny gain)

Quick Trade on AUDSGD .. which led to an Auto Hedge, which I choose then to ignore as I went on the DAX

the DAX, however, turned into a massive Whipsaw massacre .. tons of trades and cover trades to pay for losses.
in the end, went out with a 0.796% Total gain for the day. so let’s just ignore that this did happen at all 😉


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