198 | +5.74% | 3 Setups

09:32 being very late (again) .. had a late night session last night to get some of my losses back.

there was a Massive Divergence in JPY on sunday.. and we talked in the Chatrooms to buy USDJPY and NZDJPY as a result.
however, the USDollar Index did simply Gap-UP .. desroying this great opportunity.
the Long setup is still valid, but sadly: far less interesting.

08:32 new Divergence data is a s normal as usual.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: AUD, NZD (sloping down already)
  • Negative: GBP, EUR, USD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDUSD

09:29 Buying USDJPY targeting 112.402

09:38 scaling in 100% on USDJPY

09:46 closing USDJPY positions on previous top

09:55 buying USDJPY again on the vWap.

10:02 looks like it does not work out for a second move up .. manually hedging USDJPY

10:22 reversing the Whole position to Sell

10:31 reversing again realizing a 1.1% loss (back to buy USDJPY)
nikkei is not really supporting .. I may have to hedge again and let it be for a few hours.

10:43 Hedging again as the Nikkei drops heavy.

10:50 release Hedge on USDJPY

11:09 Take Profit for USDJPY filled on the trendline.

11:21 re-Shorting USDJPY on the trendline .. skipping the wait for the breakout and retest

there is still room to the downside on both DXY and Nikkei, the only “problem” is that I cannot find a nice point to exit.

11:30 exiting with 0.65% profit .. as I cannot really find a location for a proper exit.

11:31 re-entered short USDJPY, decided to take the minor line as TP 112.134
still, there is a chance that the whole move could also been a fakeout.

11:33 scaling in 45% on USDJPY Short to get the position faster off.

11:35 made a bit analysis with trendlines, the next minor target for USDJPY is pretty far down the road at 111.636,
it’s pretty much an empty space below, need to watch correlating items a bit more.

11:50 scaling in 20% in USDJPY sell

12:06 Shorting Nikkei Index (JPN225)

13:03 Closing Nikkei Short gaining 0.221%

13:11 the USDollar made a Jump down (even causing a 7 cents gap in Silver prices)

13:11 taking the hint, closing out all USDJPY Short positions, the close added a 4 pip slip which resulted in a massive gain.

price (of course) pulled back immideatly, as this was just a overreaction,
so closing out was the right choice of action.

Total Today: +5.74%

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