479 | +1.627% | 4 Setups | GBPJPY | GBPAUD | AUDUSD | AUDJPY

it's still x-mas, so expect nothing

Currency Data:

08:00 Buy AUDJPY to M30 Resistance


09:35 close all AUDJPY trades, which turned out to be a good idea

09:51 Buy AUDUSD

09:52 changed my mind .. closing AUDUSD trades, as we close to resistance

10:57 Buy GBPAUD

11:03 bad idea, hedged GBPAUD at huge drawdown

11:31 Buy GBPJPY, countertrend vWap reversal

11:33 the GBPJPY buy may be a terrible idea looking at the larger timeframes

11:38 Hedged GBPJPY

12:20 Reverse GBPJPY

14:09 GBPJPY spiked up, stop-out with a massive loss

15:43 will exit GBPAUD for Breakeven to get rid of these trades once and for all, usually, this kind of situations do not work out well,
like resulting in revenge trades, or simply trading the money towards targets that do not exist.

16:20 exit all GBPAUD trades, despite the final target is about 25 pips more down, but we have to protect the capital first!

16:25 Buy AUDJPY for a quick scalp

16:47 close AUDJPY on Target

Total Today: +1.627%

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