904 | +8.26% | GBPJPY

late today

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CHF, +NZD, -JPY, –AUD
  • Asia Events: Consumer Confidence [AUD] , Consumer Price Index [CNH]

8:53 buy GBPJPY

9:09 reversing GBPJPY
realized that this position is WAY too big. (time to get out)

11:08 scaling in on GBPJPY on vwap

11:52 manually hedging GBPJPY, no point to widen the distance.

12:11 The Nikkei and GBP on the vWap, giving it another try,
reversing parts, with a hard stop on reversed order

12:17 close Sell on GBPJPY

Internet disconnected (power went out due to rain storm)

13:44 Closing everything via mobile

14:12 GBPJPY drops below vWap .. time to revenge trade selling into the pullback (just 4.5 pips)

14:19 closing GBPJPY at H4 minor Support with a massive profit

Total Today: +8.26%

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