Asia Events Loan Rates [CNH]
EU Events Consumer Confidence [EUR-Fr], PPI [EUR-De], Inflation [GBP]

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10:42 Late start, Buying EURJPY

10:59 moving stop below immediate support so I can add more size

13:06 quick scalp on GBPJPY

13:09 stop out EURUSD

13:16 quick vwap scalp on AUDUSD

13:24 stop out AUDUSD

13:32 one last scalp on DAX
(then it’s back to “normal trading” 🙂 )

13:49 enable TSL on both GBPJPY and DAX
also, moving stops lower and scaling in

13:59 target reached on DAX

14:05 scaling in one last time on GBPJPY (maybe too large)

14:16 starting to buy (small) into GBPJPY

14:44 stop out GBPJPY Buys

14:53 closing GBPJPY Sells as GBP was testing the Pivot
originally was looking for 165.5 or 165.418

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